I Can't Stop

(Tonio K.)

My mind's a blank

My life's a mess

I can't remember nothin'

I've been under too much stress

Got my personal story

Got the 6:00 news

It's all driving me crazy
but the strangest thing keeps happening


I can't stop

I can't stop thinking

I can't stop thinking about you

It's a world full of push

It's a world full of shove

It's a world that's constantly at war
with itself
It's a world that's dyin' without love

I wanna save the day
I wanna get up and change the world somehow
We've got to find a way
But i can't even think about that now

And i don't wanna be your father, baby

I don't wanna be your son

I just wanna be your lover, baby

I just wanna be the only one


©1987 Bibo Music Publishers/N.Y.M.