From the recording Hits in Waiting

The first of several cuts of this song (not counting the Tonio K and Glen Burtnick versions). It was also in various movies by various artists.
Great song if I do say. Burtnick and I got together in Hollywood at the insistence of our mutual friend, Carter. He played mr the track on his gold-top Gibson ... but neither of us had a recorder. We called my phone machine and played it, me holding the reciever to the guitar. I wrote the lyric a couple of days later and phoned him in New Jersey. He wasn't home; I left the lyric on his machine. And there was much rejoicing. Now, as I've said elsewhere, it awaits it's country cover ... and much more rejoicing.



in a perfect world it would never end like this
there'd be something we could do
in a perfect world lovers wake up with a kiss
and their wishes all come true
but here we are i thought you belonged to me
it seemed like the perfect arrangement
ain't it funny when you find how wrong you can be

oh this ain't no perfect world
i've got my problems
no this ain't no perfect world
you've got your problems too
now what do we do

in a perfect world i'd have been the boy you need
i'd have been somebody else
in a perfect world you'd have been the girl for me
you could have been yourself
we're dying for love but we're afraid to drop our guard
we're lost in a world gone crazy
where the men won't grow up and the women get so hard

i don't know if we'll wind up friends
i don't know if we'll wind up strangers
cause i've never had to walk away from anybody
i wanted as much as you

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP/Hampstead Heath Music ASCAP