This Is That Place (A Work in Progress)

The what? The Rake's Progress! What the hell does a series of paintings by a long-dead Englishman have to do with this... or anything? Read on.

Once upon a time, long ago (sort of) and far away (depending on where-in-the-world you are at the moment), in a magical, musical land called "California," there lived a boy named Antonio Vladimir Steven Michael Krikorian. One day after school Steven and his ninth-grade buddies played and sang a song at one of the boy’s home. The song was an oldie-but-goodie called "Alley Oop." They enjoyed this so much that they immediately pronounced themselves “a band” and booked a gig … in spite of the fact that none of them could actually play an instrument.

The boys called their band—a sort of proto Surf-Punk combo—The Vibrants. This group, once Blues-and-Beatles-infused and "psychedelicized," became The Raiks Progress (note the clever spelling change to avoid potential law suits by the estate of 18th century British painter, William Hogarth ... not); which, when it broke up, produced an off shoot called VanMaarth-Krikorian; which, in turn, was absorbed into momentary L.A. session-player “super group,” LAX; which eventually landed young Stevie in The Crickets. The Crickets. Founding Cricket, drummer J.I. Allison (best friend of Buddy Holly, boy friend, husband, ex-husband and co-writer of “Peggy Sue” ... not to mention such classics as "That'll Be The Day," "Well Alright" and "Not Fade Away," among many others), took a liking to the lad, who had become a half-ways decent bass player by then. Allison loaned him a guitar, taught him the sacred chords, E, A, B, G, C and D, and encouraged him to go forth and write some songs. This he did. Many of them; hundreds of them. The young man had a knack for rhythmically, maybe even poetically,  telling the world exactly what he thought of it ... and of Love, God and Country and, especially, politics & politicians: with the exception of God and Love (maybe), not much, as it turned out. Some of these songs The Crickets recorded.

Sadly, after two albums and several tours of England, his days of Cricketeering drew to a close, and young Steven was forced to contemplate his future. He had never really done this before. He decided the best course of action was to change his name and wear dark glasses; this to enhance his song writing. It worked, sort of. Thus entered into the world of the popular song one Tonio K. So called.
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While this site is being professionally constructed -- conceptualized and overseen by Tom Willett in Nashville, TN. Señor K. his-own-self has been called upon to contribute content and commentary ... and has agreed to do so. And has. So Far.

For those in a hurry, the Wikipedia site was fairly current and accurate the last time we looked. Also, Martin Stillion's Where Is That Place, the "unofficial" Tonio K. site for many years, is "officially" approved of and recommended (and enjoyed) by Señor K. himself for extra-curricular reading. But, in the end, this new "official" thing is the place to go for all K-business and up-to-the-minute Tonio K. info.

Peace, love and, as always, bring me the head of ... you know.