From the recording Life In The Foodchain

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Life in the Food Chain

Tonio K.

well your mother was there to protect you
your papa was there to provide
so how in the world did the excellent baby
wind up in this hotel so broken inside
you lie on your bed in the midnight darkly
listening to every sound
watching the shadows for anything moving
and hoping they don't come around

'cause it's dog eat dog
and it's cat and mouse
it's watch your step and cross yourself
and get back in the house
and it's do or die
it's push and shove
because everybody's hungry
and there isn't quite enough

that's right, we're talkin' about the good life
in the foodchain
love among the ruins
i guess that you've finally got to accept
that there's nothing you can do about it
it's kind of like carving the turkey
it's kind of like mowing the lawn:
everything gets to this certain dimension
winds up on a customer's plate and then gone

©1978 Intersong-U.S.A., Inc. and Worthless Music