Literary Conceits

OK, now for the "extra credit" writings. In addition to the hundreds (I've never counted) of songs I've written and cowritten over the years, here are some miscellaneous doodlings: liner notes, CD booklets, magazine articles ("The Listening Test") and ... TRUE TALES of the ARC-PIGEON GABRIEL. For now. I've always considered song writing as my "job," and this stuff (and the collage pieces, etc.; see Arts And Crafts in menu bar) my variation of basket weaving. And then there's Vlad.

True Tales of the ArcPigeon Gabriel

 This is a book I began writing a few years ago about a pigeon. That's right, a pigeon ... one that has lived with me for the last 13 years (it won't leave). Nice fellow, this Gabriel. Very interesting/amusing little guy. Began writing his story down at the suggestion of friends; friends who had met the bird. "That pigeon came from where?" "The bird did what? No way!" "You've got to write a book about him." So I did. It's actually about the relationship we peoples have with animals ... set in the context of the (true) story of this whacky pigeon and some of his friends. I realized as I was writing it, that I had taken photos over the years which illustrated various incidents in the story, so it became a "photo album with text." The format/design--a 1930s plywood souvenir photo album--is very cool, but will also keep it from ever being published: way too expensive to make. It could never be sold at anything close to a profit. So far I just give the hard-copy mock-ups, which cost about $40 each to put together, away. I'll eventually set it up to be read online and (maybe) sold as an eBook if there's enough interest. For now, it's for the amusement of me, myself and the few people who requested it ... and whoever else stumbles upon it and is interested. Ol' Gabe does have friends and fans around the world, though. If you're wondering who, how or why, you'll just have to read the book to find out ... if and when it becomes available.