Fine, Fine, Super-Fine Art

Paintings, drawings, sculpture, found objects... but mostly neo-Dada collage/constuctivist crap. Many/most of these things began as thrift/antique store paintings that "spoke to me." In most cases, they immediately told me what needed to be done. And, by God, I did it. Some have been sold, some given away. Most are in storage. Wanna buy a painting?

The Jack-O-Lisa

The first of these pieces to be done, The Jack-O-Lisa.
I was sitting in my office/studio at the Asbury in downtown L.A.
and came across a (bad, black and white) reproduction of you-know-who in some art rag.
I looked from it to the Jackalope postcard on my desk, then back.
I thought, that (enigmatic) smile, those hands ...


The Land of Milk Bones and Honey

Oil on board/collage, Milk Bones, 1986  
This was the first "oil" I defiled. Also the first in what became The Land of Milk Bones and Honey series of collages. Bought it at a thrift store in Glendale, California circa 1986. Painted the frame "colonial" blue and gold-plated some genuine Milk Bones. Not sure what I meant by the various iconographic images... Lassie, the pet of pets; the Essex House, home-sweet-home-away-from-home; Neil Armstrong on the dock of the bay of the Sea of Tranquility or some damn place. And, of course, a genuine 1950s pink poodle. It's probably as simple as: America, why I love her... or some damn thing.

The Land of Milk Bones and Honey II