Fall 2014 No Depression Interview and Article (click on image below)


Various reviews and articles from various writers/magazines/newspapers (remember those) over the years. 
Mostly good; some, which I hope I can find and scan, hysterically bad.
This was the original A&M Press Kit folder. I think it's the only place, other than the promo poster, that the full photo of the "Notes" cover was used. It's one of very few photos of myself I can bear looking at. I remember those dinosaurs (in Cabazon, on I-10 west of Palm Springs) when they were just steel skeletons. Actually, the Brontosaurus was a steel skeleton, in 1965, when my family moved to the desert from Central California. The T-Rex wasn't built 'till around 1972. My only criticism of this photo is that I'm in it; otherwise, fantastic! Taken one day as a test shot for the album cover by Linda K. Couldn't beat it. Still love it. These days, you can barely see the dinos from the freeway; they're surrounded by fast food restaurants and other off-ramp horrors.