From the recording Life In The Foodchain

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(Tonio K.)
Jacob comes from memphis

he's a self-made man, owned half of tennessee

and now he's sold off all his old friends

and bought up the past and paid down on you and me

yes and new york may be the new world

but she's still a filthy concrete bitch without a soul

but it don't matter 'cause jacob you know he wants her

because he's climbed so high there's nowhere left to go

It's an american love affair

it's an american dream

somebody said that it's everywhere

nobody's sure what it means

but if you wake with your mind on fire

too frightened even to scream

it's just an american love affair
just an american dream

Sweet rebecca, she's a go-getter

she'll tell you that she loves you for a price

and she should know better, but no one's let her

take the time to think at all, much less think twice

and now all the glitter and the human litter

that surround her seem as normal as the sky

and in the morning if you buy her diamonds

she will always try to guess how much but never why

It's an american love affair ...

©1974 Worthless Music and Propane Publishing Co. (ASCAP)