From the recording Life In The Foodchain

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Little willie caesar, he was in trouble
runnin' like a bandit through his longest darkest night
all that willie lacked, in fact, was a shovel
then he could have dug himself his own grave
and saved everybody some time

Because you don't relieve the union boys of their payroll
not unless you've got an army ready to fight
and when the union representatives were unavailable
to reach a suitable agreement
that's when willie took to flight

Come on little caesar you can make it
anyway you're going to have to try
don't you ever tangle with the ruling class
unless you're prepared to take it
because they can dish it out from now until 1999

Willie crashed the gate at rosie's cantina
no, not the one where marty shot that kid
this place was kinda likea train wreck
'cept it was cleaner
everything was either out of order
or very well hid

Way back in the corner sat the pigman
champion of the luckless, lunchless, faceless little folks
willie he explains the whole situation
in no time flat the pigman's on the phone

Next thing willie knows, the whole thing is over
everybody wants to negotiate
pigman orders three more glasses of cola
willie wonders: "how can I repay?"

Pigman says: "if you're ever down around diego
you can look me up
you know that I'm not that hard to find"
and with that he stands and leaves the table
leaving willie with the check and wondering what was on his mind ...

©1978 Worthless Music (ASCAP)