From the recording Yugoslavia

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(Tonio K./John Keller)

well, i'm walkin' down this road
with a smile on my face
although it's hard to explain
in this world full of sorrow
and trouble and tears
i've got a song anyway...

i've been up and down this road
from the west to the south
traveled by night and by day
i've been lost and alone
i've been loved, i've been found
but i've got a song for today

i've got a song to sing on my way
i've got a smile for the world for today
everything's wrong, but that's okay
i've got a song anyway

now maybe i've gone crazy
or simple or soft
maybe i've stumbled in some faith
but as long as i've got you
there's no bridge i can't cross
you are the music that plays

i've got a song to sing on my way
i'm not afraid of the future for today
nothing is easy, but that's okay
i've got a song anyway

[bonus verse...left out of song for some reason]
i'm walkin' down the road
as the light starts to fade
feels like the end of the world
but the world is always ending
it comes back with the day
chases the darkness away

pub. N.Y.M./Cherry Music (ASCAP), admin. by Warner Bros., Checkerman Music (BMI), admin. by Irving Music (BMI)

All songs ©1999