From the recording Yugoslavia

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(Tonio K.)

nobody ever said
that life was gonna be easy
but no one ever told me about this
sometimes i just hate it

well you wake up in the morning
and you go to work or school
or you lay around all day waiting
cause you ain't got nothing to do
from the man behind the counter
to the man out on the street
from the kings and the queens
down to you and me
almost everyone agrees:

life's just hard
no matter who you are
no matter who you think you are
it's a fiery ordeal
you play your cards
and you say a prayer
and you look for love
if you're lucky you find it there
cause live is where it starts
but it's just hard

i've got friends that live in mansions
i've got friends that drive a truck
i've got friends that feed the hungry
i've got friends that have wasted a million bucks
i know people with a family
i know people that's divorced
we're all looking for the same thing
we're all running the very same obstacle course

life’s just hard...

love isn't all there is
but it's still everything
without it
nothing else will work
without it
we die trying
to invent a substitute
we'll do anything
say anything
be anything
believe anything

life's just hard...

pub. N.Y.M./ Unicity Music (ASCAP), admin. by MCA