1. I'm Here

From the recording Yugoslavia

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(Tonio K./John Keller/Barry Goldberg)

when you're tumbling down the face of the wave
stumblin' down the street in the rain
i'm here
i'll catch you when you're ready to fall
i know you've got to go your own way
speak to the world in your own language
but when you're ready to talk
you can walk through my door.

you don't have to take it from me
go on and see whatever you see
i'm here
i'll wait for you to figure it out
'cause baby i believe in love
so when you've finally had enough
you don't have to call
you just walk through my door

i'm here—baby, don't you worry
i'm here—i'm not in any hurry
i'm here—i'll wait for you to change your mind

i don't know why it's always so tough
maybe the devil himself is opposed to love
but i'm here
prayin' he don't fake you out
baby we all make mistakes
so however long it takes
is how long i'm gonna wait
you don't even have to knock
you just walk through that door...

i'm here

pub. N.Y.M./Cherry Music (ASCAP), admin. by Warner Bros., Checkerman Music / Careers-BMG Music Publishing (BMI) / Barry Goldberg Music (BMI)