From the recording Yugoslavia

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(Tonio K./Peter Case)

an old indian walked in
off the great colorado desert
he had a question
he said:

who are these people?
what is this place?
is this the greatest experiment in social equality
in the history of the whole human rat race
or is it some kind of joke?

she was a raven-haired beauty
she was a text book blonde
she had long brown hair
she had her tina turner fright wig on
he was a wheeler-dealer
a small town con
no one ever knew for sure
what it was that he was on

johnny otis was the preacher

they met on a runway
on the outskirts of nowhere
their plane was so late
so they stared at the moon
and they thought about flying
then he told her a story
so sad they both cried

who are these people?
what is this place?
maybe the answer's
somewhere out there in space
what are they doing?
what is the deal?
could this be fiction?
could this be real?

they had a secret wedding
on the neighbor's lawn
with a cast of thousands
it went on and on and on 'till dawn
when a point of light
way up in the sky
got bigger and brighter
till the people had to shade their eyes

it was the largest space craft
they had ever seen
it was way off course
and the crew was tired and feelin' mean
and when the steel door opened
the crowd all froze
the alien spoke
he said what we want to know is this:

who are these people?
what is this place?
we've got no idea
we just blew in from outer space
is this your princess
is that your king?
who are you people?
let me tell you what we think:
there is a rumor circling deep space
about a planet,
about a race
of whackos and losers
weasels and jerks
they say this planet was once called the earth

i think we've found it

pub. N.Y.M./Unicity Music (ASCAP), admin. by MCA / Trumpet Blast Music (BMI)