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(Tonio K.)

well, i hear you haven't learned a thing yet
doll face
i hear still you haven't learned
to shut your mouth
i've heard your ugly accusations
up and down the state
i see you still don't know
what you're talking about
now anyone that knows me won't believe you
and anyone that doesn't doesn't care
and anyone that spends a little time with you
will soon realize the danger lurking there

and you've never been nice
and you've never been wrong
you've never been loved,
you won't let nobody in
you've been mad at the world too long
and you never forget
and you never forgive
but you'll never know--
a moment of peace in your life like that
man, what a way to live

we never really had that much in common
it was a mismatch any common fool could see
but you told me god had sent you--
how could anyone argue with that?
at the time i figured you knew him
better than me
and you started off so well behaved
you fooled me
you never raised your voice or made a slip
yeah, you started off the sweetest thing
till the coast was clear
then you let your past out of that cage
and i wound up needing a chair and a whip...
no, you've never been nice...

now the way i see it
you made seven serious mistakes
yes, in eight ways did you blow it pretty bad
you started off believing
that my patience was unending
mistook my kindness for a weakness
and broke us up with your bare hands

but my new love doesn't have
my kind of patience
yeah my poor wife's so frustrated
sometimes she beats you up in her dreams
you see she had someone like you
in her past and he caused a lot of damage
she says your lies and your jive
and your general vibe
just make her want to scream

me, i tried to just forget you and get on with it
i've tried to live my life and let you be
i've learned from my mistakes
and let the past bury the past
i can't believe that after all these years
you're still tryin' to get even with me

yeah, you're way out of control--like an explosion
and you're completely out of line
leave us alone
people break up all the time
without declaring holy war
you've become one of the very few people in my life
that i wish i'd never known...
'cause you've never been nice...

©N.Y.M./Unicity Music (ASCAP)