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(Tonio K./Reese Winans)

If you see me standing on the corner
If you see me walking down the street
If you accidentally meet me in some crowded room
Please do me a favor, and ignore me
It isn't that I won't be glad to see you
It isn't that I don't care how you're doin'
It's just that I will probably be dyin' on the inside, baby
As a tidal wave of memory floods that room

Because I'm still not over you
I'm still tryin' to find my feet
I'm still searchin' through the ruins
I hope that I'm not stuck here for eternity

I gave up on you back at the crossroads
You chose your path and I was left to mine
It was the hardest thing I ever did when I watched you walk away
Made me leave all your promises behind

I gave up on you, but that doesn't mean it's over
I can't forget you like some book I read
No matter how I distract myself, no matter what I do
No matter who I take to dinner, or to bed
You and I are still connected, like I said

N.Y.M./Cherry Music, Universal Music (ASCAP) and Manchaca Music (BMI)