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(Tonio K./Rick Neigher)

Well, someone should've warned me
Maybe someone did
I should've been listening
But what did I know? I was probably just a kid
Yeah, someone should've told me
About love and how it goes
All I had was the television
My mother and father had problems of their own

And I never knew the rules of engagement
I never knew there even were any rules
And neither did you

We were stumblin' blind and lucky
Through an emotional minefield
Suddenly when our luck ran out
We were just stumblin'
Then we went tumblin'
Down that hill

Well, someone should've told you
Not to surrender to the mirror
Not to put your pretty ear down on the rail
And swear by every distant vibration that you hear
Yeah, someone should've shown you, babe
What it is and what it is not
I wish I could have been the one
My aim was pretty true but I was afraid to even squeeze off a shot

N.Y.M./Cherry Music (ASCAP) and Neigher-Do-Well/Rondor (BMI)