1. Fools Talk
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(Tonio K./George Conner)

fools talk
they go on and on and on
fools talk
they go blah blah blah

babylon is babbling
babylon is staggering
from sunset boulevard to park avenue
to paris to peking to the pentagon
from the dawn of history on into the future

*fools talk...

listen: clanging cymbals/noisy gongs
primitive rhythms/protest songs
opinionated idiots in charge of everything
vocabulary seems to be the opiate of the people

*fools talk...

i've been quiet
i've been tryin' to listen
i've been listening good
but so what so what
so what if i found out?
how could i say it wordlessly?
why am i asking you?

*fools talk...

habladuria es barato
geschwätz ist billig
kchosal schod arjon eh
parle c'est bon marché

©1981 Worthless Music/Dozen Songs (ASCAP/BMI)