1. Doggytown
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(Tonio K.)

i don’t love you and you don’t love me
but this is not a problem
’cause you don’t love nobody but yourself
and i don’t love no one

so we go round and round
we go up and down
we go to doggytown
for a little while

if only you were just a little bit cooler
(you get so excited)
if only i was even cooler than you
i’d get us out of this crisis

instead we go round and round
we go bow wow wow
it’s just like doggytown around here
for a little while

you do the bark and honey, i’m gonna growl
we will be howlin’ at the silvery moon above

you got this fever but I’m feelin’ so sacred
could it be an illusion?
look at that look you got all over your face
is it love is it pain or confusion?

instead you go to doggytown
you just go bow wow wow
you go up and down
for a little while

(snap, snarl, growl, or bark…)

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