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(Tonio K.)

baby don’t leave me here alone
baby don’t do it

baby don’t love me any more
baby she shoved me out the door
she won’t let me look or touch
she said "hey, don’t push your luck
treat me nice or don’t come back"
and i sure hate to hear her talk like that
and i said baby

baby don’t leave me here alone
baby don’t do it
maybe i’m hallucinating, i don’t know
but baby don’t do it
cause i don’t like the look of things out there
you don’t even notice, you just don’t care
baby don’t do it
baby don’t go

here’s the problem:
i don’t have a good thing to say
but i still say it anyway
i talk about thermal dayglo poisoning
that pesky russky death machine
starvation and the fate of the sinner
then i take her out to dinner
what’s the matter baby, ain’t you hungry?

wait a minute
she don’t have to put me out
i think that we could work it out (yes i do)
if she don’t like this kick i’m on
then why don’t she just prove me wrong?
oh baby

baby don’t you do it
baby don’t do it

©Worthless Music (ASCAP)