From the recording Amerika

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(Tonio K.)

how come this country runs on retrospect
how come nobody ever knows what to expect
it should be easy to prevent and to protect
yes they should have known about rodney

too much rejection make a man turn mean
lack of attention it can ruin everything
and that's not to mention random acts of cruelty
see: they could have known about rodney
(i'm talkin' 'bout loretta)

loretta underwear she could be impressed
she liked the biggest and the brightest and the best
and she'd let a driver lay his head upon her breast
but she should not have fooled around with rodney

rodney had the chevrolet
had the engine
had the paint
had the lead foot/that foot would speak and say
look at me/i'm alright/my name is rodney

rodney he fall in love/he could not see
that it was just the chevrolet
and he give that girl his ring
so when she rode off in a thunderbird next thing
something break in the head of fast rodney

he hit the highway at the speed of sound
lookin' for loretta and this brand-new love she'd found
(and when he found 'em)
he rammed that t-bird 'till the blood was on the ground
and now the town would soon know about rodney

one last time he drove to school
only this time it's too cool
right up the steps and through the doors he flew
the police were now coming after rodney

he put that chevy through the trophy wall
then back it up and speed shift down the marble hall
got to the men's room when the engine stalled
that's when the law pumped the lead into rodney

rodney he slumped down on the steering wheel
hold tight the gearshift as they ask him
what's the deal here
and with his dying words the secret is revealed:
ihre eltern waren marsleute

this all happened on the night fast rodney went crazy
the night that rodney ran amok
that's right that rodney went crazy
and the dead and injured they just ran out of luck

© 1979 Worthless Music (ASCAP)