1. Trouble

From the recording Amerika

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(Tonio K./Earl Slick)

i wake up every morning
i go to sleep each night
the communists, moslems
and warmonger texans
are still tryin' to ruin' my life
'cause all the king's horses and all the
king's men
and all the king's idiot sons
ain't never in all of their glorious battles
solved anything with a gun
(you just can't do it)
you're just askin' for

trouble it's in every single headline
trouble i can't believe it
trouble every day another hard time
trouble i don't need it

i don't like your tiny thinking
i won't fight your stinking war
you start something this time
we all get a half-life
go figure it out on your own
and it's all in the name of democracy
or it's all in the name of the state
but you can name it your mammy
name it when i'm through
you know it all works out the same
you must be insane
you just keep looking for

trouble now you're gettin' out the big guns
trouble i just can't believe it
trouble you're gonna wind up killin' everyone with this
trouble but you just can't see it can ya

(pastoral interlude in c# major)

trouble in every single nation
trouble it's so hard to believe
trouble right out of the book of revelation
trouble why don't you read it

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