1. Say Goodbye

From the recording Amerika

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(Tonio K./Nick van Maarth)
everybody say a prayer for the age of innocence
everybody say a prayer for the days gone by
it's a sin and it's a shame
but those days will not come again
blow a kiss and dry your eyes
say goodbye

backed up against the ocean
backed up against the wall
out here on the edge of america
and heading for some kind of fall
can't go no farther west
can't do no better than the best
must have got the wrong directions
say goodbye

save youself baby
run for help—the whole world's gone crazy
and there's nothing you can do
but say goodbye

they confuse and they tangle the truth up
with fast talk and promises
they abuse and abandon each other
outside on the street
yeh the signs are everywhere
only no one even cares
this paradise is dying
say goodbye

© 1980 Worthless Music (ASCAP)