From the recording Olé

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(John Keller/Tonio K.)

i remember bein' half asleep
on a beach along the august shore
i remember feelin' so alive
you were mine and we were seventeen

i wish i could have owned that day
i wish that moment could have been suspended
and if i could've had my way
that summer would've never ended

i'll remember you
we were young
we were sure of everything
i'll remember you
life goes on
but i'll always remember you

i remember when it came apart
all the pain of that broken lover's dream
i swore that i would never give my heart out again
of course i would, but it

it wouldn't ever be the same
maybe love was meant to last forever
now even as your picture fades
sometimes i close my eyes and we're together

i'll remember you (and the feeling of your lips and the hunger in your kiss)
we were young
we were sure of everything
i'll remember you (for as long as there is)
life goes on
i will remember you

i know you can't go back again
i know that we were only human
sometimes i still can't help rememberin'
when we were innocent and love was somethin' new

(i remember your smile like an innocent child
and the beatin' of your heart and the freedom of your arms
like an image on a screen, like a vision in a dream
yeah you won't be hard to find with your frozen love in time)

now you're gone but i still remember...

©Checkerman Music and Careers Music (BMI)/N.Y.M./Pressman/Cherry Music (ASCAP)