From the recording Romeo Unchained

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he said
ain't this some congregation
ain't this some kind of crowd
they spit in the eye of creation
they're so educated and proud
their plans are outrageous
and the tales are so tall
the conversation's contagious
but the talk is so small
the sidewalks and the streets are overflowing with dread
and every night down here's the night of the living dead

you don't belong here
you know it's true
you look all wrong here
you don't know how to act or what to do
but you know sometimes i think i don't belong here too

she said
it's like walking through fire
it's like shedding your skin
you throw your clothes out the window
you face the person within
it's like dying in public
it's like learning to fly
leaving the world behind you
it's like being born twice

he said "you're probably right all right, but this is my home"
she said "what kind of home is that, living out on death row"

you don't belong here
you're just passing through
you won't last long here
man you're just not that cruel
and i'm gonna say a prayer that you're gonna leave here soon

he thought he was the king of the world
he was walking around in rags
she told him who the king of the world really was
she told him to pack his bags

it was a saturday night
it was the end of the world
it was a fantastic fight
it was impressing the girls
it was impressing the russians
even impressed the chinese
it had 'em running for cover
it had 'em down on their knees
the enemy broke the code and surrounded the building at dawn
but they had disappeared mysteriously
meanwhile the war rages on ...

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP