1. Living Doll

From the recording Romeo Unchained

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she was looking good
she was a beautiful girl
from a tenth generation american dream world
to look at her you would never guess
that she could hurt so bad in such a beautiful dress
1. she had the perfect smile
2. she'd been the perfect child
3. she looked as if she had it all
she was a living doll

she'd been looking around for a new situation
beyond sex and short-term stimulation
'cause everyone she'd ever known
had treated her like she was something they owned, so
1. she played the little girl
2. she was afraid of the whole wide world
3. she felt so helpless and so small
felt like a living doll

she'd never been given a minute of love
unless she met the conditions
and it made her so mad that her heart froze up
and the pain turned into a prison

it was a miracle when she came to life
when true love cut through the pain like a knife
now when the coast is clear and the past is buried
who knows, she might even get married, cause
1. she kinda met this guy
2. he ain't perfect but he's all right
3. now she can't wait for him to call
4. he kinda likes her too
5. she ain't perfect but he says she'll do
6. he keeps her picture on the wall
'cause he thinks she's a living doll

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP