From the recording Romeo Unchained

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she says she loves me
but she's feelin' so bad
she can't seem to trust me
she's been hurt so bad in the past
so she tries to control me
keep me in chains
cause she's so afraid
i won't come back again

honey stop
these emotional war games
in the name of love
before everybody loses


the battle rages
day after day
no one escapes it
and no place is safe
because just one false move
and the shooting starts
just one wrong word
and we fall apart

is this the tunnel of love?
is it a torture chamber?
is it a gift from above
or are we in some kind of danger
or what?

lord teach me patience
show me the way
teach us forgiveness
before it's too late
because i want my baby
and she wants me too
but if we don't stop fighting
lord we're all through

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP