From the recording Romeo Unchained

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two o'clock
the moon is down
we say goodnight
you're headed for bed across town
we haven't even known each other that long
but it doesn't even matter
'cause when you leave it feels all wrong

you belong with me
darlin' we belong together
and every time you leave
it's obvious we're still connected
you live in your world
and i live in mine
but the collision of worlds is just a matter of time
you belong with me

now i can tell
you're so afraid
you've been lied to and taken for granted
and treated like some kind of slave
i'm not after your freedom, i'm after your heart
and i know it's gonna happen
and i knew it right from the start

what happens to people in love is some kind of mystery
yeah but what passes for love on the streets these days is a joke
so when people like us finally stumble into each other
we've got to hold on tight, gotta never, never let go

©1986 Vogue Music BMI/N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP