From the recording Life In The Foodchain

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This is an out-take from the original session with Dick Dale. Dick was living On Balboa Island (Newport Beach) at the time (summer of 1978) and didn't want to come to Shangri La Studio at Zuma Beach to do the session-- he was caring for some injured seals. So ... we went to him.* We took the master tape and met him (and his "Polynesian" wife, Jeanie) at Jose Feliciano's studio in Tustin.

This is the (mostly) unedited mix of everything he played. Way too much, but fantastic. Especially if you (like me and my Raiks Progress buddies) formed your teenaged band because you loved Dick Dale so much. Especially if you actually saw Dick Dale and His Deltones at the Rendezvous Ballroom when you were 14.

*This is what good management is all about: Jon Devirian, at my request, tracked Dick down and made the arrangements. I may have been the first person to seek Dick out and get him recording again after he retreated/retired from his Golden Era
(the early to mid 1960s). If so, I consider it one of the major achievements of my sad and tortured career.


The lyric is the same as the one elsewhere on this site. "Joan of Arc," Rob Fraboni's French wife Miele, is way down in this mix as we were interested in evaluating Dick Dale's part, not her "soliloquy."