From the recording Romeo Unchained

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it's a jungle out there
used to be a garden
but the times got tough
and now all those innocent hearts have hardened
you've got cain and abel
you've got jack and jill
they're out looking for love
on a saturday night in a coupe de ville

but love got twisted
and the streets got mean
now everybody's got their secret
as the night comes down like a guillotine
you get true confessions
in a twisted world

it's just you and me baby
in the danger zone
we're out looking for permanent love
in the middle of a city full of broken homes
where all the boys want to use you
and all the girls want to cry
and nothing works like it used to
and you can't remember your lines

i heard about a housewife sleeping in the wrong bed
heard a rumor that elvis has risen from the dead
i've seen a lot of lovers been programmed to lose
seen a civilization confessin' the blues

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP