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(Tonio K./Scott Wilk)

It used to be the teacher's favorite country
it used to be the showplace of the west
everything worked
and everyone smiled
it used to be another word for the best

Where is that place?
where did it go?
whatever happened to that place?
God only knows
that isn't it over there
and this isn't it here
now how did a place that big just disappear?

You could see it in the distance
across the desert
you could see it from a hundred miles away
it glowed in the dark
it lit up the world
it seemed as if the sun shined night and day

Where is that place...?

They dealt in fantasy and fashion
they dealt in flesh and blood
they dealt in multiple millions of dollars
you could buy anything but love
where is that place...?

©1987 Bibo Music Publishers/N.Y.M. & Yellow Brick Road Music/Valevista Music