1. Stay
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(Tonio K./John Keller)

These aren't the greatest days for love

it's such a fallen world

it's such a dangerous place

it's so hard to find someone to trust

so easy to get hurt

so hard to get a break

so many broken hearts

so many broken homes

don't wanna even try sometimes

it's safer to be alone

Stay, darlin', stay

i know you wanna run

i know you're so afraid

stay, darlin', stay

this doesn't have a thing to do with yesterday

I've been looking all my life for you

I didn't know your name

but I knew I'd know you anywhere

you've been out looking for me, too

well honey, here we are

it's like the answer to a prayer or something ...

Darlin', stay

this ain't no accident

this isn't any mistake

stay, darlin', stay

honey, don't give in just when you're finally safe

Now this is not the golden age of kindness

and you haven't had a lot of luck with love

but honey, that was then, and this is real

and i'm not them, this is a whole new deal ...

Stay, darlin', stay ...