From the recording Life In The Foodchain

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(Tonio K.)

The insults and the punches flew
just like they always had
i knocked her down and left the room
but she came running back
and i said:

Hey look around
hey look in your mirror
lay your ego down
it'll get so much clearer
why continue to push and pull
and punish each other
when it would be so much easier
to just find another lover

Now you're feelin' cold
hey babe i'm on fire
and i'm losin' control
because you've got no desire
and so we go sparring through the night
like to lightweight contenders
the flames have gone out
let's extinguish the embers

Put up the flag and lay down your weapon
this perpetual battle royal here
is a long way from heaven
call it a mistake or call it whatever
let's just call it off
better late than never

Now i've got you
and you've got me
but we've got no manners at all
we're still counting down to ecstasy
when some courtesy's all the situation wants
and that's so hard

So you keep the car
and all the passionate letters
they won't get you that far
they won't make it no better
and maybe someday
some other time
we can try this again
maybe someday these flamin' hearts
will learn how to be friends

But right now
put up the flag
and lay down your weapon ...

©1978 Intersong-U.S.A., Inc. and Worthless Music