Girl Crazy

(Tonio K.)
i'm lookin' for love
sometimes i know it's hard to tell
but i'm still lookin' for love 
just like everybody else 
now this one sez to call her anytime
and that one she don't ever answer
you keep on tryin' to find the perfect beauty
and wind up with some mindless dancer
i've finally got a pretty good idea of what i want
at least i'm pretty sure of what it's not: i want you
yeah it's been lookin' pretty bad
there's such a lot of desperate couplin'
i just want someone who can laugh
at the fact that there ain't nothin' funny
and there's this five foot nine inch 
nineteen year old blondish
irish catholic girl a world away in boston
and i suspect she gets the picture
but you never really know
how much a trip like that will cost
and anyway
why should i go flyin' talent in
when you're right up the street
crawl out your window
i want you
don't even care who's got a claim upon you
i want you
how long you gonna let that daydream haunt you?
so i will meet you at the end of the tunnel
honey i will meet you at the end of the world
now who'd have ever guessed a fate as black as this
awaited all the pretty little boys and little girls
but i don't care
i want you
i'm not concerned who's got a claim upon you...
©1980 Worthless Music (ASCAP)