Where's My Baby?

(Tonio K.)
I've been to Sweden
I've been to Spain
From Argentina
To the Ukraine
I've been from Paris
To Mexico
Yes, and everywhere I go
First I think to myself, then I finally have to yell it:
"This is pretty good, but where's my baby?"
I've seen the famous
I've seen the former
London Bridge
I've seen that great big Chinese Wall
I've seen the world's largest shopping mall
Been to the northsoutheastandwest but I was never that impressed
I say, "This is pretty good, but where's my baby?"
Where's my baby?
Where's she go?
Where's my baby?
When's my baby (that little girl) comin' home?
It's a wild, wild world, but it don't mean nothin'
Without the girl
I've seen the Beatles
I've seen the Stones
Visited Elvis
At his home
I've known some major movie stars
Once met the great-granddaughter of the Czar
It was a groovy bunch of kids, but no matter what they did
I'd say, "This is pretty good, but where's my baby?"
I've seen operas
I've seen plays
I've seen symphonies and ballets
I've seen the miracle of birth
I've seen the government at work
Into the Senate and the House
They were quiet as a mouse, 'til I yelled:
N.Y.M., Pressman/Cherry, Warner/Chappell (ASCAP)